Our  metal stamping presses  range from 35 - 600 tons for manufacturing seat frames and automotive parts..


The company , aside from  painting, engaged also in in-house plating.  Some metal parts are also  pre-treated before plating.


Our welding process occupies a large part of automotive parts manufacturing. From thin metal sheets to form structures.

Sewing and Seat Assembly

The company cut, saw and assembled motorcycle dual seat assembly using PVC leatherette. Pad cushion and bottom plate.

Assembly (Welding)

Welding processes include resistance welding, arc and gas welding using welding assembly jigs.

Foam Injection

Two components chemicals are used both for automotive and motorcycle seat pads.


Bare metal parts are pre-treated before powder coating at 240 degrees C.


The  in-house machining center fabricates tool and dies. The in-house machining centers fabricate tool and dies.

Metal Casting

The company  also employ metal casting process using High Press Die and Ductile Iron Casting using aluminum or metal alloys.

Process Capabilities

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Tri-r is well along in their development

The company produced products based on the drawings provided by the customers.  A formed core team ensured that the products conform to the specified requirements.

 A development plan is created by the Engineering Department  to monitor properly their activities.  The Engineering and Quality Assurance Department checked the issuance of engineering specification.  Should there be changes in customers requirements and improvements on quality and cost that would affect manufacturing process and materials, the company informs the customer for approval.

Tool and die is done by the Tool and Die Section based on the requirement specified by Engineering Department.  An off-tool sample is done based on the acceptance criteria approved by the customer and inspection standard set by Quality Assurance Department.

The company provided critical processes with checking jigs and fixture.  Accuracy of checking jigs and fixture is monitored regularly and properly stored to avoid deterioration.  Quality  Assurance validated them to ensure conformity to product requirements.  Master samples are used to verify accuracy and any non-conformance found is provided with corrective action.



The infinite willingness to change to the better for we belive and always had believed that theres an unending room for improvements...



We live to provide you what you need, where you need, when you need..a quick response to you.

Racing Spirit


Always aiming to be the best in whatever we do... in each process and each result, expect us to aim of being number 1!


We are manufacturer and exporter of compactors, lumbar chairs, exit sign and emergency lights, slew drives, motorcycle parts and automotive parts...

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What We Provide?

The company provides  services in the fabrication of local parts production for car and motorcyle assemblers.
Associates with skilled craftsmen,  with decades of experiences, together with advance engineering facilities, fostering an atmosphere of continuous process improvement and problem prevention, we would be honored to provide service for you….

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